We welcome you on our informative website of KMSpico tool. Our approach is simple: give people free information and help to grow the web. Through free speech we can express our interests and be useful to the community; and in the longer run maybe get rewarded for doing so. The crew updating this web property is not large and we don’t do this full time. We like to blog about useful things and this site is one way of doing it. If you have any questions about KMSpico, we recommend you to search the web first, but if you need to contact us then we have that option available on the site as well.

KMSpico is a free tool that anyone can download. It currently works on Windows platform regardless of which version of Microsoft Windows you have. Maybe there might me issues with very old versions, but hey, Windows XP and older is already too insecure to use. Microsoft has finished giving out updates to Windows XP and Vista, so you should at least have Windows 7 installed on your system. A lot of people don’t find Windows 10 good yet, mainly because of the updates regarding user privacy. There has been several articles online about the spyware alike stuff that’s been activated on Windows 10 by default. Of course, more tech savvy people can turn it off and who can’t then videos on YouTube are always here to help. Anyway, we hope this site helps you about KMSpico tool and everything you need to know regarding this software.